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Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive?

November 25, 2021

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Dental implants make an excellent replacement for natural teeth, but they come at a cost. Perhaps you have already received an estimate and wonder why dental implants are so expensive. When considering having dental implants permanently installed, it is better to think of them as an investment rather than an expense. Provided you take good care of your new replacement teeth, dental implants function just like natural teeth and can last the remainder of your life.

Installing Dental Implants is Complex and Requires Significant Planning

Although some dentists are willing to place dental implants, you achieve the best results by scheduling the procedure with a skilled prosthodontist like Dr. Amit Kamat. Prosthodontists complete an average of three years of additional training past dental school to prepare them to work with dental implants and other types of tooth replacement. Currently, only one percent of dentists across the country have earned the proper credentials to work as a prosthodontist.

Compared to a general dentist who may perform multiple different procedures in a week, prosthodontists focus only on procedures that replace a patient’s natural teeth. Part of the expense associated with dental implants goes to pay for your prosthodontist’s training and experience. Other team members assisting the prosthodontist must also receive payment, including assistants and hygienists.

Your prosthodontist spends time between your in-person appointments planning your dental implant procedure. You do not see this since it happens behind the scenes, but your fee helps to pay for all the time that your dental professional puts into planning your course of treatment.

Cost of Dental Implant Material

Each replacement tooth contains a crown that functions as your new tooth and a titanium post that holds it in place and functions as a root for the artificial tooth. The materials in your dental crown could include all metal, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, or resin. Implant posts typically contain titanium or zirconia, although most patients and dental professionals prefer titanium. Several individual factors determine the cost of your dental implant material, including:

  • Whether you will receive a single implant, full implants, or implant bridge.
  • Whether your prosthodontist can begin installing the implant right away or needs to prepare the area by transferring a small amount of bone from another area. Some patients also need to have other teeth extracted first.
  • If you had previous treatments that failed, your prosthodontist needs to invest more time in researching what will work for you. This could also result in a higher cost for dental implant materials.

Multiple Appointments Will Drive Up Your Cost

Most patients need to visit Dr. Kamat several times when receiving their dental implants. The first appointment consists of an examination, X-rays, and discussing your treatment goals. After you receive your implant posts, you need to allow several weeks for your jaw to heal before Dr. Kamat installs the replacement tooth. Each appointment requires a team of people to work on you, sanitize the equipment, and prepare the treatment room. This is yet another reason dental implants can seem expensive when you first receive an estimate.

Ask About Our Financing Options

Innovative Dental & Orthodontics is pleased to offer several financing options. Please schedule an initial consultation with us in Oviedo, FL to learn more.

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