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Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetic or the appearance of your teeth and smile and aims to enhance these areas as much as possible, while still respecting both the oral and general health of the patient.
Common cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. However, the scope of cosmetic dentistry has grown to include so much more. This type of dentistry can address both functional and esthetic issues and treatment decisions focus on evidence-based protocols and sound clinical judgment. This is why minimally invasive procedures are embraced and the primary concern is for the immediate and long-term health of the patient.
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What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Cosmetic dentistry has expanded to encompass a wide variety of different procedures. The central focus, however, is the esthetic or appearance of the smile and teeth. Cosmetic dentists seek to make improvements in these areas without compromising the health and well-being of the person receiving the treatment. They also seek to make improvements that will be long lasting and cause no harm in the short term or long term future of the patient. This is considered responsible esthetics. Cosmetic dentists typically perform procedures like direct bonding, dentures, dental implants, bridges, aligners and other orthodontic procedures. A smile is the first feature that is noticed on your face. If you are unhappy with your smile, whether it’s due to chipped, crooked, missing or discolored teeth, contact us immediately for a free Cosmetic Smile Assessment with our office.
We feel that everyone should be able to smile with confidence. Now thanks to advancements in modern cosmetic dental care, you can have a beautiful smile easier than ever before.

Cosmetic Procedures

Today, cosmetic dental treatments run the gamut from both functional and esthetic procedures that often address both areas. From tooth whitening and bonding to tooth colored fillings, restorations and porcelain veneers, there are many cosmetic procedures that primarily address the aesthetic of teeth. However, there are many functional procedures that are often performed by cosmetic dentists. These procedures often include dental implants as well as other orthodontic procedures. Even surgical procedures can be performed by this type of dentist. Periodontal plastic surgery is one such procedure that can be performed by a cosmetic dentist. However, there are many more. Tooth whitening, porcelain bridges and crowns, tooth colored fillings and repairing chipped teeth are some. Cosmetic dentists perform a variety of different treatments both large and small.
This may include one or a combination of cosmetic techniques such as:
When you arrive for your free consultation, our dentist will first spend time discussing your concerns and expectations and will then proceed to give you a careful examination of your mouth to assess what needs to be done to provide you with the best possible smile. Once the assessment is completed, the dentist will then be able to explain the options that would be needed to give you the smile that you want.
You will be delighted with the improvements to your smile, your ability to eat and your self-image.

Responsible Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures should complement the general and oral health of the patient. Procedures should be based on sound clinical judgment and evidence-based protocols. Both interdisciplinary medical and dental treatments should be combined to improve outcomes and lessen the loss of healthy tissue. In addition, the goal should be to provide minimally invasive treatmentswhenever possible. The long-term health needs of the patient should always be considered and the most innovative and up to date tools and materials should be used to provide predictable and enduring results.
Cosmetic dentistry embraces many functional and esthetic procedures, both big and small. The primary focus rests on improving the appearance of the teeth and the smile while still respecting the general and oral health of the patient. A cosmetic dentist who has skills and mastery has pursued post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry to master the principles.
Both training and hands-on experience are important but it’s also important to find a dentist who has experience in cosmetic dental treatments, although there is no cosmetic dentistry specialization. The number of dentists who have performed a large number of restorative and cosmetic treatments continues to grow every day.
Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of your dental health – we don’t charge for giving advice!

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