Free Orthodontic Consult in Oviedo, FL

If your teeth need some corrective work so you can have a much better smile, you couldn't choose a better place to go than our orthodontic clinic. 

At your first visit to our Oviedo, FL center, we will take X-Rays of your mouth, so we can have a clear picture of your teeth, and can begin to understand what kind of corrective action might be necessary. 

This will provide us with information on any problem areas in your mouth, and that will indicate some specific treatment which can resolve those issues.

Formulating a treatment plan

After you've discussed your medical and dental history with our professionals, and all the images and X-Rays have been taken, it will be time to start formulating a plan for treatment. If any dental work is necessary prior to the installation of braces, this will be discussed and planned. For instance, the X-Rays may have identified a cavity which is beginning to form, and this would have to be handled before braces get installed. If any other issues are identified by the images and X-Rays, these will also be addressed and planned for.

Then, our skilled orthodontist will discuss with you some proposals on the best method of treatment, and how long that program of treatment will take to achieve the desired results. At this time, if you have any preferences such as Invisalign aligners, this should be brought up to our specialist. Once a treatment method has been decided upon, it will be necessary to map out the successive stages which will gradually straighten your teeth. You'll learn exactly how the system of braces will work to achieve the final result of straightened teeth, and what your role will be in accomplishing that.

This is a very important step for you, the patient, because it will help you to understand exactly what is happening and what the goal of treatment will be. You will know what to expect in the coming months from whatever procedure is being adopted, and you'll have a good understanding of what is required of you in order to achieve your goals. Once the plan has been completed and agreed to, it simply becomes a matter of undertaking the process of working toward that awesome new smile.

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Don't wait any longer to undertake the corrective action necessary to give you the kind of smile you've always wanted. 

This will be your first step toward achieving a smile that you can be confident about, and that will literally change your whole outlook on life. If you happen to live anywhere in the Oviedo, FL area, come visit us so you can take the first step on the path to a much better looking smile.

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