Olivia, Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Marlee, Traditional Braces

Denture Stabilization Patient

Betty, Full Mouth Reconstruction

Tammy Telock, Braces

Hi, my name is Tammy Telock. My son is a patient of Dr. Kamat. She is the most amazing orthodontist on this earth. My son started with her when she was in different practice and when she was decided to open her own practice and I heard, I had to follow. She is amazing at the care

Giselle Santos, Braces

My name is Giselle Santos, my daughter was seen by Dr Kamat and she received braces. We’re in Oviedo, FL. They were very friendly and knowledgeable and efficient. We were in and out and I feel like they came up with a great plan that will not only straighten my daughter’s teeth but do it in the most gentlest way possible. And I will actually recommend Dr Kamat to my friends. Thank you.

Diana Kruger, Veneers

Hi, my name is Diana Kruger and I had my upper veneers done with Dr. Kamat. I’m from FL, Ormond Beach. My veneers look amazing. I’m very pleased with the results and the procedure was painless and affordable as well. I definitely recommend Dr. Kamat. Thank you.

Kimberly Freedman – Dentures

My name is Kimberly Freedman. My doctor was Dr. Kamat. And my procedure was actually the Upper and Lower Denture set. I came to Dr. Kamat, I already had my upper dentures for many years and was experiencing a lot of tooth loss in my lower teeth. After Dr. Kamat took a viewing of my problems it was decided that I will absolutely need to have a full set of dentures at the bottom and a refit at the dentures at the top. My total experience with Dr. Kamat was very to my pleasure, to make sure that I felt comfortable with the procedure he was doing.

Orthodontics Patient

Doctor’s name is Dr. Kamat, Orthodontics. We got, my kids and I got braces done and Dr. Kamat and her personnel, especially Ms. Dawn; they’re awesome. You go to Dr. Kamat’s office and you get a personalized experience from check in all the way check out. You’ll get that one on one with your doctor and people there are wonderful. They’re great, excellent service. I will recommend it 110% to anyone. Thank you Dr. Kamat.

David Adorno

I’ve been to many dentist in my life and lost interest because I didn’t feel they cared enough about me or family. This team put all that to rest. They are so friendly, knowledgeable and caring that you feel very comfortable. The experience has been exceptional, and now I will have my family and friends go to them. They will be my personal dentist for life. Find out for yourself, you will be forever thankful.